"Jalan Surabaya" Flea Market

This is one of the most popular Flea Markets in Jakarta, the name shows the market location which is Jalan Surabaya in Menteng, Central Jakarta. 
Jalan Surabaya,
This is the region where President Barack Obama (USA) had lived when he was a child. It is not known exactly when to start stretching the antiques market, the official website of the Jakarta regional government said in the 1960s. Initially there is a few flea sellers who sell household goods. They were hawking wares along the sidewalks. Funny thing is, among the junk there is an antiques goods without they realize it. After a lot of people looking for antiques there, they begin to understand the things that have high sales value. Since then they start seriously hunting antiques from various area for resale in the market.

This market development into a new phase when in 1970 coincided with the 25th anniversary of Indonesia, the Jakarta government is curbing the street vendors, one of which is “Pasar Rumput”, Jakarta. It was relocated to the northern end of Jalan Surabaya and made the area increasingly crowd. Then in 1974 this antique market began styled, old tents replaced with a permanent building half the stalls are lined. Since then it will be known to all the foreign tourists and become the main attraction of fame, even Bill Clinton President of the USA took time to visit when he comes Indonesia back on 1994.

The markets that stood along this road have a reputation as a traditional market that has managed to survive among the various buildings and modern shopping centers that surround it. Some say its ability to withstand because of its location in an area where there are many ancient buildings with antique household goods. Many of them sell inherited their parents into this market because of boredom, need money, or do not understand its value. One of seller when asked by BATAVIA explained they get the antiques from his customers who live in the Menteng area.

This 500 meter long street filled with stalls lining that offers a variety of crafts, antiques and souvenirs. Not surprisingly, Jalan Surabaya visited by collectors and historians, and laymen are simply looking for interesting traditional items to decorate their home. The stalls that line it has a different specification of goods. There are specialized in selling electronic goods antiques, such as film cameras, irons, and the phone. There is also a historic sell household appliance, such as a spoon, teapot and cups used by kings in the archipelago. In addition, there is also a selling accessories or ornaments that cost, ranges from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of rupiahs. This market can be found in a variety of Laser Disc (Piringan Hitam) containing old song that is prohibited at the time of President Sukarno. But now it sought merely to listen to the song was popular.

BATAVIA completes its stalls with ornaments and property, among others, coming from Jalan Surabaya. Hunting for vintage ornaments and share the stories behind to our customers is something very interesting and enjoyable

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